Chances are if your moving, renovating, or getting new tech in your office your going to have a whole lot of junk left over that needs to dissapear.

We can help tear down and dispose of office cubicles, desks and tables as well as provide proper tech disposal and document/paper recycling.

Whether your a one man office who only needs a quarter truck load disposed of, or a fortune 500 company with hundreds of loads of junk. You can count on the Junk Movers to do it properly with a smile.




Renting a dumpster bin is a hassle; you have a large object in front of your business for weeks or months on end, you have to get approval for the bin if its on a public street, there are restrictions about what you can throw in the bin and you have to pay for the weight as well as the pickup of the bin.

With the Junk Movers you get all of the benefits without any of the downfalls. we're available any day of the month to come in and take all of your junk straight into our truck without you or your employees having to lift a finger.




When you have multiple stores, a lot of junk can build up between them with outdated displays, large amounts of packaging and broken items. 

The Junk Movers can serve your entire business, from multiple stores, to offices, to warehouses and any combination of the three. We can come in at a phone calls notice or set up bi-weekly or monthly pickups for your convenience.

If your business is rolling out new construction or multiple construction projects, the Junk Movers can assist with a dumpster alternative for the duration of building.




The Junk Movers offers full property maintenance, single or multiple tenant clean-outs as well as storage locker clean-outs. We're available anytime to remove furniture, appliances, electronics, bathtubs, sinks, old files and much more. Anything your property needs removed, we can do it, and with our business account discount on recurring disposals, you save money as well.


If your building is going through major or minor renovations, single apartment or suite renovations or even ground landscaping. The Junk Movers are available as a full service dumpster alternative for your building any time you need it.




In just a few short years our monitors and printers seem to be already out of date and need to be replaced, what happens when it's time to get rid of old electronics? Printers, especially large ones, as well as computer monitors and desktops leak harmful chemicals when they break down in dumps. They must be recycled properly and cannot be thrown out with the regular garbage. 

Give the Junk Movers a call, we know how to properly dispose of old office electronics. The best part? You and your staff don't have to lift a finger! You can focus on your work and we'll take everything away with the peace of mind of knowing it wont end up in a landfill damaging our environment!