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Full Service Junk Removal IN VANCOUVER

Junk Movers operates all over the Fraser Valley. From West Vancouver to Richmond, Maple Ridge to White Rock, we're in your area! You can save money by timing your junk pickup with another customer that's relatively close to you. Ask about our bundling options to see the next time we can get your junk for a discount!

Junk Removal In Vancouver - Junk Movers

Junk Removal

From picking up your old sofa to removing a fallen tree after a storm to co-ordinating disposal on large scale commercial renovations, Junk Movers offers complete service for any removal project.

Charity Donations - Furniture Donation - Junk Movers

Charity Donations

Downsizing? Looking to clear up some free space? We can take nearly anything you have that's in good condition to one of the many charities around the Metro Vancouver area!

Light Demolition - Junk Movers

Light Demolition

Our demo crew's can safely and quickly take apart old shed's, decks, fences and anything else (including drywall and flooring) before we dispose of or recycle it! 


How does it work? It's as easy as 1 2 3!



Text us a picture or describe every-thing that's going over the phone to get your free quote.


Pick a two-hour pick up window and your crew will call you 15 minutes before they arrive.


Our clean cut crews will put everything into our truck and recycle, donate or dispose of it properly!

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Junk Removal Experts

Junk Movers is an eco-friendly junk removal company that operates all over the Fraser Valley. We focus first and foremost on you, the customer. We understand your time is valuable, so we call you 30-45 minutes ahead of every job to let you know we are coming. We are currently one of the top rated junk removal companies for our customer service, and that means a lot to us.

We understand your money is hard earned, so we offer below industry standard pricing and lots of money saving options. You can get an idea of what your job will cost online with our pricing estimators, by giving us a call, or by texting us a photo or two. While other junk removal companies have started hiding their pricing, we are becoming more transparent with ours because we stand behind our value.


24/7 Customer Service


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Customers Love Us!

I’ve never used a junk removal service before as my husband owned a truck, but it was a pretty easy experience, we saved some money by putting everything on the sidewalk for them and they came by on the same day
— Salma Orvo, North Vancouver
I used to do all of my own junk hauling but since I sold my truck I’ve been hiring these guys every couple of months. They do a great job and they’re much less expensive than any of the other junk companies I called for quotes.
— Liam Grohl, Coquitlam
I usually call the city for pick ups but i have two sets of stairs so I had to get a junk company. The guys who showed up were very friendly and the rates weren’t all that expensive. They also protected my floors and even swept up after!
— Violet Rawlins, Burnaby

Responsible Disposal

We donate or recycle nearly 80% of everything we pick-up, and go to great lengths to make sure as much as possible stays out of our landfills. We always ask our clients if their home or business could use something such as a fridge or microwave so it can find a second home and be put to good use! Check out our environmental vision here to see how we dispose of your junk.

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Appliances ✓

Estate Junk ✓

Rubbish ✓

Bicycles ✓

Furniture ✓

Metal ✓

Carpeting ✓

Garbage ✓

Televisions ✓

Computers ✓

Hot Tubs ✓

Tires ✓

site Service ✓

Mattresses ✓

Trash ✓

Dumpster ✓

Fridges ✓

Yard Waste ✓


What Can't We Take?

While we can take nearly everything! There are a few things that we are unable to take due to federal regulation. If you have any of these items please warn us ahead of time so we can tell you what we can and cannot take. 

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Areas We Serve


From the North Shore to White Rock, Junk Movers serves the entire Lower Mainland and even goes as far as Whistler, Bowen Island and Chilliwack! Click the button below to find your location.


Vancouver Office: 321 Princess Ave #611, Vancouver, BC V6A 3C6


North Van Office: 250 15th St E #42, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L7


Burnaby Office: 1-7120 Pandora St, Burnaby, BC V5A 1C3


Junk Movers Blog

Tips, tricks and musings from the Junk Movers staff

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Junk Movers Blog Post

Save Money On Your Pickup:

There are several ways you can save money on your next pickup! If you're flexible on the day and time, Junk Movers can book multiple jobs in the same area which can take up to $50 off your total price due to split gas and travel time costs! 

Another way to save money is by taking your junk and placing it in your driveway, garage or close to the curb. We can take up to $50 off verses picking items up inside or in your backyard.

- May 10th, 2018 by Thomas Therrien
An Easy Dumpster Alternative - Junk Movers

Easier Than Renting A Bin:

If you have a small renovation or construction project, Junk Movers offers a quick, easy and affordable dumpster alternative.

Renting a dumpster can scratch your driveway, takes up time   blocking access for trucks and deliveries, requires you to throw everything in yourself, costs only slightly less than having us pick up your junk from inside your home and is makes your home unsightly for the duration of the renovation.

- April 27th, 2018 by Katy Simmons
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Hot Tub Disposal Prep:

Getting a new hot tub delivered? Wanting to clear space from your backyard or deck?

Junk Movers can safely dispose and recycle your old hot tub, but there are a few things to prep before we arrive to pick it up! 1. Drain your hot tub of all the water 2. Disconnect the electric/water connections 3. Clear any hoses/ bbq's/ plants etc. so there's a clear path around the home to your driveway.

- April 27th, 2018 by Katy Simmons
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